What: The History of (Street) Art; a compact survey tracing the roots of informal public art from cave paintings to the present day. Topics include ancient graffiti, boxcar art, tactical urbanism, political stencils, guerilla gardening, sculpture, animation, the street art of Texas, and more.

Where: 618C Tillery St.

When: One 2 hr workshop. Saturday Oct. 12, 10am-12pm

Supplies: none

1) How do we define “street art?”
2) Precedents through time: Cave painting, petroglyphs, boxcar art, stencils, murals, sculpture, tactical urbanism, etc.
3) Defining our own practice, next steps, urban land art/improvised street art….

*Please note, though we cover some illegal forms of street art, the class does not encourage or endorse any kind of art acts that would be considered illegal or trespassing.  It instead focuses on encouraging practices that are temporal and/or involve permission.

A review of a past History of Street Art workshop can be found here.


image: Faith 47, All Shall Be Equal Before the Law

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