….sculptuing light and shadow….

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What: Over the course of 5 class meetings, we’ll each brainstorm, conceptualize, wire, and build, one (or more, time permitting) light fixture/sculpture.

Who: Novices, experts, and everyone in between…
Where: Mixed Media Lab
When: Oct. 2013, Monday’s 7-9pm (Starting Oct. 7. Five 2 hour workshops)
Cost: Suggested Donation 25$

Supplies: basic socket wiring set up, and found objects you’d like to integrate into the project

Project Parameters: Wire a light source of your choice, and create a fixture that surrounds and modulates it.

Syllabus: (*some readings from the list at the bottom of this page may be assigned ahead of the first class meeting)

workshop 1-
1) introductions>
2) discussion: the history of light + light bulbs
3) take home: sketch/explore ideas for your light fixture, bring these to the next workshop to present + discuss

workshop 2-
1) present + discuss last week’s take home, collective brainstorming
2)discussion: the vocabulary of light, and it’s counterpoint, shadow
3) wiring / underwriter’s knot tutorial
4) take home: continue fixture design, complete another design iteration, scope out materials to bring to the next workshop

workshop 3
1) work session

workshop 4
1) work session

workshop 5
1) wrap up/documentation

Media: Open

Readings: In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki + TBD, Louis Kahn

Related Topics: Phenomenology, Husserl, Heiddigger, Life, Perception and Light, Darkness, Energy, Solar Power, Windows



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