Making Faces: A workshop all about found object mask making.

Link to Register:Evenbrite

Over the course of 4 two hour meetings we’ll cover:

  • a brief history of mask making
  • global precedents of found object masks.
  • the concept of bricolage
  • ideas tied to wearable art
  • possible modes of attachment and fabrication (mechanical, adhesive, sewn, welded, etc)
  • *potential Saturday afternoon trip to the local junkyard(s) to source materials @ the start of the course.

At the end of the month long session, each participant should have a wider grasp on the cultural significance of masks, as well as a durable and wearable mask of their own design. (Just in time for Halloween!)

When: Monday’s in September 7-9pm. Starting Sept.9 (4 two hour workshops)

Class Limit: 6

This class is for: All Ages + Artists and Non-Artists alike

*This workshop grew out of a collaboration that came out of the Contemporary Austin’s Advanced Young Artists program. See also: Milk Plus Cookies Blog.


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