… A Participatory Mapping Project + Workshop….bought to you by Austin’s Atlas and the Mixed Media Lab.

What:  This workshop asks participants to actively use walking + mapping as tools to explore + uncover (sometimes unseen) aspects of place.  Throughout four workshops, we’ll work independently and collectively to reveal information about a specific: street, alley, park, neighborhood, open space, urban topic, phenomenon, etc.  The resulting project(s) can be loosely described as part art project, part historical document.

Who: Novices, experts, and everyone in between…
Where: 618C TIllery St. @ the Mixed Media Lab
When: 4 sessions, 10am-Noon: Saturdays Feb 22, March, 1, 8, 15
Cost: $12

Register: Here.

Supplies: comfortable walking shoes, a notebook, and a method of documentation (a camera works, but don’t limit yourself to photography alone…drawing, writing, sound recording, etc are viable ways to document as well)

Project Parameters: The places in which we exist day to day

Loose Syllabus: 

workshop 1-
1) introductions>
2) lecture: maps through history
3) in class project:3 quick maps
3) take home:  find your territory

workshop 2-
1) present + discuss last week’s take home, collective brainstorming
2) lecture: maps through art
3) discussion: walking art/ walkers and what they produce: Richard Long, Francis Alys, Janet Cardiff, Guy Debord, Jejune Society
4) work session: collaborative feedback
5) take home: further define and document your territory, pick 1 to 2 things to focus on

workshop 3
1) discuss: mapping precedents –Edward Tufte, Anuradha Mathur + Dilip da Cunha, NewYork Times Maps, Others
2) work session
3) take home: finish documenting your territory

workshop 4-
1)final presentation of maps produced
2)documentation/wrap up

Media: Open

* Proposed Group Show: April 2014 (participation is optional)


Wanderlust and Infinite City by Rebecca Solnit,
The Image of the City by Kevin Lynch
Walking and Mapping; Artists as Cartographers by Karen O’rourke
Everything Sings by Denis Wood
Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte
Walkable Cities by Jeff Speck

Related Topics: Boylan Heights Maps, Path to homoerectus, Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, Meditation labryinth, Ghandi’s Salt Walk, Richard Long, Francis Alÿs, Vito Acconci, Jejune Society, Situationists, Guy Debord, Janet Cardiff.

Related Links:

Questions? : email ann@austinsatlas.com

image: Austin Highway Map 1910


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